Domain vs Sub-Domain

The URLs and the navigation of a site do matter for SEO but the elements of site structure that affect SEO don’t end here. For example, take sub domains and sub directories. These are another example of a site’s structural elements that do influence how Google ranks results. While the difference between when a page is in a sub directory (also called a sub folder) vs when it’s on a sub domain might not be always huge, there are cases when it really matters if you use sub domains or sub directories.

The Difference Between a Sub Domain and a Sub Directory

Before we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sub domains and sub directories for SEO, let’s clarify the difference between them.

Basically, when you use sub domains, your URLs will look like this:

Notice the ‘subdomain’ part before your main domain. This part tells Google and your visitors that the contents in the sub domain is separate from the contents of the rest of your site. A typical use for sub domains is for a business site where the blog is separate from the rest and it resides on a subdomain of its own ‐ i.e. Sites with forums (and other content, for instance articles) also frequently separate the forum part on a sub domain, such as

Unlike sub domains that precede the domain name, sub directories follow it. Like this:

The difference is not purely in the syntax. It goes beyond that and it’s related to the type of content you have. There isn’t a rule when to use sub domains and when to use sub directories but basically if the content is a good candidate for a separate site, then you go with sub domains. If the content isn’t that much different from the main content, you go with sub directories. For instance, if you have a blog about web design, you can have separate sub directories for tutorials, free stuff, your artwork, etc., but put the shop where you sell templates and designs on a separate domain.

SEO Benefits of Sub Domains

It’s hard to say if sub domains are better for SEO or not because it depends on many other factors. However, one of the cases when you would benefit from a separate domain is when you have multiple pages for a single keyword.

Google usually limits the number of search results per domain, unless they are very relevant but this doesn’t apply to sub domains. In other words, if you had a domain with sub directories and you have 10 relevant results, most likely Google will show only 2 or 3 of them, while if you had 5 sub domains, chances are 2 or 3 results per sub domain (or 10-15 altogether) will be shown. However, don’t take this for granted and don’t rush to sub domaining just to trick Google to show more results from your site ‐ this might not work and you will have wasted your time and effort.

Another advantage of sub domains for SEO is that you can put your keywords as sub domain names. This is especially good, if your main domain name lacks them ‐ i.e. if your main domain is but you have lots of stuff about addiction, it makes sense to create a separate sub domain with your keyword in it. Of course, you can do this with sub directories as well but somehow a separate sub domain with your keywords has more weight.

SEO Drawbacks of Sub Domains

The advantages of sub domains for SEO are tangible, however they also have drawbacks. For instance, sub domains are harder to set and manage.

Another disadvantage, and it’s a major one, is that sub domains don’t always inherit metrics from the main domain (i.e. if your main domain is PR5, your sub domains could be PR0 because for Google both are not closely related). In many cases, this alone is enough to make you give up the idea of using sub domains at all ‐ since the sub domains are not inheriting metrics, this means you practically have to optimize them from scratch.

SEO Benefits of Sub Folders

If you expect a longish list of SEO benefits of sub folders, there is no such list because basically sub folders have only two advantages.

First, similarly to sub domains, with sub folders, you can have the keyword in your URL. Second, sub folders inherit the metrics of your root domain, which means that if your site is doing well on a whole, any content in a sub folder automatically benefits from this, while with sub domains you might have to start your SEO efforts from the very beginning.

SEO Drawbacks of Sub Folders

The main SEO disadvantage of sub folders is that they could limit your exposure, if search results are already saturated with pages from your site. As I already mentioned, Google generally limits the number of search results per domain to 2 or 3, so if you have more pages that are relevant, they might not show in the main search results.

When to Use a Sub Domain and When to Use a Sub Directory?

Use sub domains for larger topics ‐ i.e. if you have a health site, it makes sense to create separate domains for each major group of diseases (i.e. cardiovascular, respiratory, etc.) and then create a sub folder for the separate diseases in this group (i.e. heart attack, flu, etc.)

Also, as already mentioned, if your site has a forum and or/a a blog in addition to your corporate pages, you should use sub domains for the forum and the blog ‐ i.e. and

Of course, these are just general recommendations and you don’t have to follow them blindly. As usual, the ultimate test is to try and see what works for you and what doesn’t.


How To Construct A Company Website

There is no question regarding it, a brand new age company to make a website. Everyone understands how the world normally went into a round-the-clock economy environment. In order to you are able to compete with everybody else within the entire globe is when you have your small business open the whole time. What this means is being available all the time. Many conglomerates can certainly do this. The reason is they have the funds, the financial plan, the personnel and motivation to take action. But for your small business owner, the only method accomplished without going bankrupt is having a functional website.

responsive-free-wordpress-themeThis is probably the major causes why you need to create a website for your brain child business. Your company web site is quite essentially your internet storefront that is accessible by the whole world. This is why it’s very important which you start building it inside the right and the absolute best way. We have all had that awful web experience a couple of times, in which you visit a business website expecting to find a presentable platform that reflects the company type along with what they provide, but rather you discover a drab, lackluster looking page which is not only not appealing to the eye, but is near impossible to navigate also. These types of website cause a high click-off rate which reaches just detrimental on your business.

Here are a few things a successful and appealing business website should and ought to have.


Great domain name

This ought to be the very first thing you see when building a online presence. What name will people identify your internet site by? Selecting a domain that is certainly easily recognizable, memorable and closely in connection with your company niche is a good choice. You want your organization name to spring to everyone’ s mind whenever they consider your best niche. Take your time and come up with a catchy, not difficult to memorize and relevant website to your business website.

Create the right road map

There is nothing more off putting than the usual website that you cannot make ends and tails of. This is amongst the most were not impressed with issues with regards to buyer. Your web site needs to seem sensible this will let you clear demarcated map that shows these potential customers where to go to acquire what. Possess a a ‘wireframe’ with the intended website and run it by some friends and trusted business consultants to view how the general public will receive and relate to the company website.

Top quality information

Once you are done with the structure as well as the framing from the website, the following point you need to worry about may be the information actually provided on the website. Google every other search results are placing greater importance on relevant and quality content now. If you want your small business investment to reflect  you to be an expert site and to rank well on the internet, you have to provide relevant, top quality and practical information. Content that induce value is paramount. Including the company contact details.


This is probably the main aspect of your site, specifically if you intend to undertake monetary transactions with that platform. Make sure that your web site is secured by an SSL certificate. This means that each of the sensitive information including plastic card details shared on your site is encrypted.

Social networking integration and mobile ready

hosting for websitesThe way people use and communicate online has greatly changed. Nowadays, almost 60 % coming from all traffic experiences some social media marketing platform or some other and they do so making use of their mobile/handheld devices. You should go where the marketplace is knowning that means ensuring that you might have social media integration on the website and make certain you utilize ‘responsive design’, this may ensure that your business web site is mobile device ready for those users using their handheld devices. It can be absolutely vital that you keep with all the times and keep your business website reflects what you would like the globe to come up with your business. Is it forward minded or stuck before? In any event, the best way to make sure that the international community is really referring to your organization in any way, is to make a website.

Blue Host Website Hosting

Picking a suited sponsor on your web site generally is a trial at the best of that time period, specially together with countless from which to choose so many issues active that will produce a single sponsor more advanced than another to your own desires. This particular Blue Web host web hosting service evaluation goals to offer a good along with healthy presentation of the particular provider’s services, both equally like a separate item along with in comparison to other services. Get more details at

The huge benefits

Blue-Host-hostingBlue Web host provides great deal with out previously actually excelling in any place while located against the competitors. You will definately get unlimited bandwidth along with space for storage, employing the particular years involving foriegn computing along with sophisticated servers this can be actually something that the majority of quality web host suppliers can supply.

Exactly where Blue Host Web host is a tiny various is in the settlement strategies. Generally the firm will allow you to cover an entire time period involving services transparent, as opposed to the monthly installments several contains insist upon. It is good for anyone who is specific that you would like to remain while using firm for quite a while and still have zero intentions involving transferring your current website, mainly because it permits a hard and fast value which can’t end up being transformed all through the particular contract, contrary to monthly installments. Even so when you don’t possess plenty of capital to start with it may be too big a great investment decision to totally invest in.


There are many combined thoughts regarding Blue Host’s tech support team. This stay talk will be the simplest way to realize the particular crew along with the specialized men will certainly usually be capable of provide methods to easiest questions subsequently along with presently there. In addition, they sponsor a wide-ranging data source that contains video lessons along with a variety of manuals to enable you to support by yourself if you have the information for starters.

However, there are scattered stories the cell phone outlines will not be as reputable since the online hosting for websitesspecialized services. Many Blue Web host consumers possess complained which usually it takes a while to essentially achieve someone if you need to talk right to a great consultant, nevertheless simultaneously this can be something that is normally true together with contains, specially since they move to a more centralised online style. The idea merely implies that when you would like to help speak to someone specifically, as opposed to online, Blue Web host will not be the particular supplier available for you.


Generally speaking it will be possible to help sponsor nearly all internet websites on the services. WordPress will be accounted with regard to, nevertheless together with new spyware and adware problems against the written content supervision system you might want to be wary involving infrequent down time. E-commerce internet sites may also be helped, while using deal delivering with regard to osCommerce, Agora, Cube Wagon along with Zen Wagon. When you’re shopping try using a various CMS nevertheless, it may be really worth your current while to analyze a few other businesses.

Ultimately, the business offers a simple marketing deal together with the use of aiding you optimize your blog with regard to search engines like google, including Google. It is probably best prevented, as there exists tiny that it are able to do that you simply can’t perform by yourself along with there are even scattered stories of computer triggering difficulties with several WordPress-based internet sites.


A great web hosting service deal with out previously being amazing, Blue Web host offers much of the added benefits which others perform, nevertheless there exists tiny to separate them through the pack along with the cost doesn’t generally examine favourably to help other suppliers.

How To Start A Blog

If you have ever thought about having your own website or other type of online presence, the good news is that it’s fairly easy to start a blog. However if you truly want to have success, and reach a large audience, then you are going to have to find ways to make your blog stand out. In addition to fighting to find your audience, there are many other important decisions you are going to have to make if you decide to start a blog. What type of subject matter will you cover, and who is your target audience? Do you want to make use of a free domain name or pay for one? Should you monetize your blog? Figuring out answers to these questions now will help you if you decide to start a blog.

What is your subject matter and intended audience?

The first thing you need to do when you want to start a blog is to choose your subject matter, and decide who your target audience is. When choosing your subject matter you need to choose something that you are both familiar with, and passionate enough about to keep you motivated. One of the most important things you need to do when you start a blog is to post relevant and interesting content on a regular basis. So you need to choose your subject wisely. The next thing you need to do is figure out who your target audience is. Ask yourself if there are enough people interested in your subject matter to constitute a large audience. Once you have figured out this step you can move on to other concerns.

Should you pay for your own domain name, or use a free one?

When you start a blog you basically have two options, to either pay for your own domain name and web hosting, or to choose a free option. When making this decision you need to decide what your goals are. If you are simply looking to create a platform with your blog that lets you air your voice to the world, then you can probably go with the free option. However, if you see your blog as a potential money earner for you in the future, then you should go ahead and invest in buying your own domain name and paying for web hosting. The good news about buying your own domain name is that they usually aren’t very expensive, neither is paying for web hosting. The biggest plus for choosing to pay for your own site is that you own it, and control it. You won’t be subject to the terms and conditions of anyone else, which is important if your blog becomes popular and lucrative.

Should you monetize your blog?

Another important decision to make when you start a blog is whether or not to monetize it. The truth is that unless you are going to put a lot of time and effort into it, your blog probably won’t make you a lot of money. However if you are going to promote your blog, and build an audience, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy some financial rewards. Placing ads on your blog can help to earn you a little extra money. If you decide to place affiliate marketing links on your blog you can go from earning a little extra money, to potentially earning a lot of money. If you decide to monetize your blog make sure that you don’t make the ads and affiliate links your top priority. Focus on providing great content for you audience, and then your ads and affiliate links will do the work for you.

If you decide to start a blog you have a lot of important decisions to make. However it’s important that you don’t look at making these decisions as some type of burden. Instead look at starting your blog as an opportunity to explore your creativity, and to express your thoughts and opinions. Remember that starting a blog should be something fun and enjoyable. If you do build up and audience you should also consider monetizing your blog so that you can enjoy some financial rewards for your hard work. If you decide to start a blog remember that you will get out of it what you put into it.

How To Build A Business Website

There is no question about it, a new age business needs to build a website. Everyone knows that the world in general has gone into a 24 hour economy environment. The only way you can compete with everyone else in the entire globe is if you have your business open the whole time. This means being available all the time. Many conglomerates can actually achieve this. That is because they have the funds, the personnel and motivation to do so. But for a small business owner, the only way you can do this without going bankrupt is by having a functional website. This requires a good reliable laptop computer. Find the best laptops of 2015 here. This is one of the main reasons why you need to build a website for your business. A business website for an e-commerce company is quite essentially your online storefront that is accessible by the entire world. That is why it is of utmost importance that you go about building it the right way. We have all had that awful web experience once or twice, where you visit a business website expecting to find a presentable platform that reflects the business type and what they offer, but instead you find a drab, lackluster looking page that is not only not appealing to the eye, but is near impossible to navigate as well. These sorts of website lead to a high click-off rate that is only detrimental to your business.

Here are a few ideas on what a successful and appealing business website should and must have.

1. Great domain name

This should be the first thing you think about when building a web presence. What name will people identify your website by? Choosing a domain that is easily recognizable, memorable and closely related to your business niche is your best option. You want your business name to spring to everyone’ s mind when they think of your chosen niche. Take your time and come up with a catchy, easy to remember and relevant domain name for your business website. Then you’ll need hosting for your website. Learn more about this at

2. Create an appropriate road map

There is nothing more off putting than a website that you cannot make ends and tails of. This is one of the most complained about issues when it comes to user experience. Your website needs to make sense and have a clear demarcated road map that shows your visitors where to go to get what. Have a a ‘wireframe’ of the intended website and run it by some friends and trusted business consultants to see how the general public will receive and relate to the business website.

3. High quality information

Once you are done with the design and the framing of the website, the next thing you need to worry about is the information actually provided on the site. Google and every other search engine are placing greater importance on relevant and high quality content now. If you want your business website to be recognized as an authority site and to rank well on Google, you need to provide relevant, high quality and practical information. Content that creates value is the key. This includes the business contact information.

4. Security

This is perhaps the most important aspect of your website, especially if you intend to carry out monetary transactions on that platform. Make sure that your website is secured by an SSL certificate. This ensures that all the sensitive information such as credit card details shared on your site is encrypted.

5. Social media integration and mobile ready.

The way people use and communicate on the internet has greatly changed. Nowadays, almost two thirds of all traffic goes through some social media platform or another and they do so using their mobile/handheld devices. You need to go where the market is and that means making sure you have social media integration on your website and make sure you use ‘responsive design’, this will ensure that your business website is mobile device ready for those users who use their handheld devices. It is absolutely vital that you keep with the times and make sure that your business website reflects what you want the world to think of your company. Is it forward minded or stuck in the past? Either way, the only way to ensure that the international community is actually talking about your business at all, is to build a website.

Step By Step Guide On How To Design A Great Website

Website design and development

Website design and development involves several processes. Below is an overview of website design and development. Designing a website may take a lot of time and work, it will however give you a lot of flexibility that you cannot get from blogs and Facebook. One of the reasons as to why you should design your website is to express your own personality and also make it appear exactly how you want. Website design can be a simple process, provided you know how to go about it and you are well versed with all the processes that are involved. But prior to looking at how you can design your site, it is imperative to look at different elements of a great website design.

Step 1: gathering information

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to website design and development. It involves collecting information that will feature on a website. It further entails understanding the goals that one needs to achieve with a website. Here are some essential things you need to consider while gathering information for your website.

· Purpose – you should know the real purpose of the site. For instance, you can use your site to promote a service, provide information or sell a product.

· Goals – you must also clearly understand the goals that you hope to achieve by having a website.

· Target audience – consider the target audience while gathering information that will appear on your site. Consider their sex, age or interests. This will later help you choose a great design style for your website.

Step 2: Planning

You need to develop a site map in order to come up with a great plan for your site. The site map is a detailed list of all topic areas of a site together with its sub-topics. It also comes in handy while developing a navigation system that is consistent and easy to understand. Still in the process of planning, you should decide on the technologies to use when designing your site. You’ll need a reliable computer for this project.

Step 3: Design

This process involves the actual designing of the website. At this stage, your web designer will take you through different types of designs explaining each of them in detail. Thereafter, you will choose a design that matches your taste and needs.

Step 4: Development

This is the stage where you will create your website. During this process, you need to take graphic elements and then use them for purposes of creating a functional site. To achieve this, you must first of all develop a home page and then create a space where the interior pages will appear. Elements such as ecommerce shopping carts, content management systems (CMSs) and interactive contact forms are made functional during this process.

Step 5: Testing

At this stage, you will be required to do final touches and then test your website. Some of the things that you will be required to test include the functionality of the web pages. As part of testing you site, you need to use CSS and HTML to validate all your website’s codes. This stage is crucial since it will help you determine whether your site has met the necessary web development standards.

Step 6: Maintenance

You need to regularly update the information that is appearing on your site. You also need to offer new products or content on a regular basis in order to bring more visitors to your website.

Other desirable features:

· Hover effects – Hover effects help you establish your location on a web page. Whenever you place a cursor over a section of your site that has a hover effect, it will automatically change highlights or colors hence letting you establish where you are.

· Unique topography – the design must offer a unique style and font sizes in order for people to identify your website over other websites. Always keep in mind that there are thousands of sites on the internet and hence the need to make your site stand out comes in handy.

· Scroll to page sections – the design needs to include a feature where visitors can click links in order to be directed to different pages.

· Large responsive images – this design element is important since it enables the images on a website to conform to virtually any screen size regardless of whether one is browsing the website from a desktop, tablet or any other mobile device.

Benefits of Using Professional Quality Premium WordPress Themes

If you are looking for WordPress themes then there are many important things to consider. WordPress is an excellent online website creation tool. It is very popular among website owners because of its powerful and easy website content management system. Millions of blogs, news sites and other sites use WordPress. Its popularity has spawned a wide range of products and services around it. On the Internet it is important to differentiate the website look without compromising the Internet standards. It requires using right theme. If you want to give a professional look to your website then use right WordPress theme. You can always look to a professional service such as E-Nertia Digital Marketing for reliable website services.

WordPress comes with its standard features that include some basic themes. When there are millions of websites then it is not possible to use same WordPress themes over and over. Seeing the demand for such themes from website owners, there are many online companies and freelance developers who offer theme development services. Hiring a freelance developer to develop your website theme can be very expensive. You may not receive the desired result. If you are not satisfied with the result then the developer may not agree to multiple revisions. For this reason, it is better to take a look at ready to use WordPress themes. You are sure to find a theme that fits your requirements and displays your site contents properly.

The theme you choose must meet your requirements. First look for the functionality aspect. The theme must have all functional features and functions. Once you have found a theme that fulfills basic requirements then check its aesthetic aspect. You should be especially concerned about the home page theme because it is at this page that an online user decides to delve deeper into the website or leave it immediately. If a website visitors is unable to find the required thing then the person is not going to stay long. The theme must be visually appealing and each element must get its due place.

On the Internet, it is not difficult to find lots of free WordPress themes. However, you should be careful in selecting a free theme from an unknown source because a website theme is basically codes and programming so it may have viruses or malware. Choose a theme that has been checked well for security.

When you buy premium WordPress themes then you will receive not only the product but associated services as well. Depending on the type of premium theme you choose, the selling company will provide you customization and support services as well. You are free to hire your own developers for customization purpose. Always choose a theme that has been developed recently. Such themes comply with latest Internet standards. You should make sure the theme can be upgraded and modified in the future. You do not want to be stuck with a theme that latest browsers cannot render properly or which require replacement just after a few months of use. Choose a theme that is device agnostic and will work with all types of devices. Premium themes comply with latest search engine optimization standards. Search engines will have no difficulty indexing your website. It will result in higher ranking for your site in search engines results.

There are many advantages of installing premium themes. Premium themes give you the functionality that you need. Your website will have friendly user interface. If you want your blog to stand out then choose a theme that has quality. Security must be top priority. Buy WordPress themes from a reliable source that provides guarantee of security. It lets you avoid malicious codes that will affect not only your computer but also those belonging to your website users. When you buy premium themes then you receive good technical support. If you face any problem in implementing or customizing your theme then the developer will provide immediate solutions.

These advantages are not available with free WordPress themes. Premium themes for WordPress are very cost efficient. There is less need for customization when you choose an appropriate theme. You do not have to hire a developer to customize it according to your requirements. On the other hand, if you want to customize a premium theme then you will not face any problems. Customization is the main strong point of premium themes. When you give due consideration to these issues then you will be able to select the most suitable theme.